A Marriage between Digital Printing and Glass.


Large-Format Digital Printing was introduced during the late 80's - early 90's.  The advantage of digital printing is its high degree of personalization.    But it has also evolved significantly the last years and large sizes of fine art prints have become possible.  Direct-to-material printing can be done today with beautiful colors and sharp details.

The Vitraprint technology was developed to create durable and stunning glass applications using high quality inkjet printing.  Glass for interior and architectural applications need to be safe and durable.  By using digital printing Vitraprint has even surpassed the graphical quality and capabilities of most classic glass decoration techniques. One evident example: large stained glass windows can be printed in one step.

Briefly, Vitraprint is a print applied to one side of a glass sheet.  The sheet is then laminated against a second glass sheet using a special adhesive and with the print completely embedded between the two glass layers.

Let's look at the properties of Vitraprint.


Digital Print on Glass

VitraPrint® is  digitally printed, so any digital image can be captured in glass.   With today's digital printing systems resolutions can be achieved of 1440 dpi and real colours are obtained, also red.  Further, subtle color variations and different levels of opacity within each panel can be achieved, contrary to color foils.



* print all colors

* better contrasts

* variable transparency levels

* hair fine details

* total design flexibility


'Captured in Glass' (EN-ISO 12543 qualified)

VitraPrint® is more than a print-on-glass, it's a print-captured-in-glass.  The print is protected by several millimeters of glass and cannot be harmed by normal abrasion or scratching.  The pigmented inks, that are already very durable, are even more protected from fading because they are protected by the glass against UV-light, water and pollution.

The image isprotected from water and cleaning products. VitraPrint®  is cleaned by normal cleaning agents used for glass, without harming the printed image.  Moreover, it is protected from chemicals, moisture and oxygen.  The lamination adhesive is water proof and therefore Vitraprint can be used in bathroom or shower applications.



* abrasion resistant

* extreme color durability

* water proof

* interior and architectural applications


Ultrastrong, Safe and Clean (EN-ISO 12600 qualified)

VitraPrint®  is an ultra strong product.  Due to its layered composition, it is much stronger than pure glass.  And even on breaking, the fragments remain bonded to the interlayer severely limiting the risk of injury. Further, because of its dense nature the glass surface is easy to clean and disinfect.  Ideal for public and clinical environments.



Finally, VitraPrint®  is produced with an ecological production method.  No solvents or high-energy processes are used for its production.

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