Interior Doors with Decorative Safety Glass


Vitraprint stalen deur met modern glasraam

Who doesn't like stained glass? The warm feeling you get when you walk through the colored light. Stained glass windows have something that makes you happy instantly. That warmth and beauty doesn't only belong in a church, but you can also experience it at home or elsewhere.

With Vitraprint® we use our patented printing technology to create contemporary, modern glass windows. The images are razor sharp because the images are applied directly onto the glass. The world of glass windows is also becoming digital and the possibilities are endless. Think of graphical possibilities such as transparency, semi-transparency and opacity (opaque). Or the endless variation in colors.

Classical sculptures are of course possible, but elegant, contemporary colors and patterns can also be applied in the glass according to your own taste. You choose the colors, figures or patterns that you want or suit your interior without any problems. So it is completely personal. A lot of color or subtle. A fine drawing or something daring. The combination with clear glass in doors is also beautiful. Discover the new experience of the Vitraprint® glass decoration. We design and produce steel interior doors with beautiful decorations.  The slender profiles of French steel interior doors combine very well with beautiful glass decorations. 

Vitraprint® is not just a foil or a print on glass. With Vitraprint, the image is trapped in the glass. As a result, the drawing is permanently protected against light, scratches and moisture. Because the surface is just flat glass, it is easy to clean. Due to the layered construction of the glass, it is not only strong, but also extra safe. Vitraprint® is a safety glass (EN-ISO 12600). It can also be finished as a double glazing.

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