Discover the design possibilities of Vitraprint. 

Vitraprint is a water resistant, layered glass with a customized digital print.  With state-of-the-art digital print technology we create the levels and variations of transparency you need.  Because the image is well protected against radiation, air and moisture it can be used in several applications.  

Shower and bath screens - Decorative Lighting - Stained glass -Tiling - Kitchen splashbacks - Railings - Customized Furniture - Table Tops


Customized shower panels and bath screens

Choose or design your personal design in a glass shower panel.  A combination of beauty and the right balance between privacy and the spatial feeling of glass.

  • Vitraprint shower panel glass print - texture 2
  • Vitraprint shower panel glass print - floral n1
  • Vitraprint shower panel glass print - Pattern 1
  • Vitraprint shower panel glass print - Bokeh n2
  • Vitraprint shower panel glass print - Vintage 2
  • Vitraprint shower panel glass print - texture n1
  • VitraprintShower1
  • Bathroom-green-marble-1c
  • Bathroom-green-marble-1a
  • Bathroom-green-marble-1b
  • Shower-Vitraprint-Enjoy-Happiness-540x960


Interior and decorative lighting

The transparency of our panels can be tuned by digital printing and combined beautifully with LED or standard lighting.  Lighten up your stained glass to enjoy it day and night.

  • Vitraprint_Moon Illuminated2
  • Vitraprint_Moon Illuminated1
  • VP_Moon_1080x603_HDR
  • Vitraprint_Moon_1500x838

Kitchen Splashbacks and Materials Printed in Glass

Our printed materials have an astonishing high quality.  This allows you to reproduce marble, onyx, cement surfaces or wood on a large scale without needing to use expensive and natural resources.  You can even tune the colour or restore defects to create the result you want.

  • Vitraprint materials 2 granite
  • Vitraprint materials 1
  • Vitraprint_Materials_2181x1206


Glass Screens

  • Vitraprint_WindShield1
  • Vitraprint_WindShield2
  • Vitraprint_Faade


Glass tiles

Vitraprint panels can be used as floor or wall tiles with a print, both transparent or opaque, or even combined with light.  Again, choose or design your own tile.

  • VPTiles4b
  • Vitraprint tile printed mosaic 2
  • Vitraprint tile printed mosaic 1


Sand Etching

  • Vitraprint sand etch
  • Vitraprint sand etch 2
  • Fine_White_Vitraprint_2150x1205


Stained Glass and Transparent Art


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